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Don Lewis, Unsung Pioneer of Electronic Music, Dies at 81 The New York Times But Chakaravarthi hates studying and lies to his father about his test marks. Meanwhile, Chakaravarthi falls in love with Angaiyarkanni alias Angu, during his school days. Initially, she avoids him, but soon reciprocates his feelings, but they end up going their separate ways after Ganesan and Angu's father have a confrontation about their relationship, since Chakaravarthi claims Angu is just his friend, to avoid his father bashing him up. In September 2021, the team had completed this schedule and headed to Agra for a song shoot at the Taj Mahal. By then, Sivakarthikeyan had completed shooting for the film, except for one song. After the completion of that track, filming wrapped on 10 December 2021. The word don is also used to refer to the head of a mafia family or syndicate. With a muddle up of guns, drama and confusion, Bhoominathan suffers an accident that severely injures his neck, but eventually